Trapped Nerve in the Neck Causes & Cures

trapped nerve treatment

I’m sure you will agree with me:

Trapped nerve pain can be excruciating and feel difficult to find a position of relief.

If you have ever woke to the pain from a trapped nerve in the neck then you know how hard it can be to function with this pain. It is so distracting that just trying to do daily chores like washing your hair, getting in and out of a car and just sitting trying to do work on the computer becomes a nightmare.

In most cases the pain may start in the neck, but it soon radiates into one shoulder or the other and may even travel on into the arm.

This is known in the medical community as cervical radiculopathy, and can be both extremely painful and debilitating. Without the proper treatment your days could be very difficult to deal with and sleep almost impossible to come by.

There are many causes of trapped nerve in neck areas that can often be avoided and some that occur only as a result of a medical condition.

In younger people this could be the result of a herniated or slipped disc. This condition involves the discs which are the soft spacers that sit in between the vertebrae in your neck and spine. If one or more of them slip the nerves around them can end up being pinched in between the disc and the vertebrae resulting in excruciating pain. This condition can be diagnosed with the use of an MRI or magnetic resonance image of the affected area.

In many cases a simple physical examination will not be enough to find the damage and if it is not found can lead to permanent damage. If you are diagnosed early enough it is possible to get the kind of treatment you need to relieve the pressure and relocate the nerve back into its proper position, which should end the pain once and for all.

A slipped disc in not the only cause of a trapped nerve in neck areas, you can sleep in the wrong position and wake up with a pinched nerve that leaves you unable to move your head or shoulders.

This is probably the most common cause of a pinched nerve in your neck and can be the easiest to fix. However, you are likely to be in pain for several days. Alternating heating pads and ice packs will help to alleviate the swelling and the inflammation that accompany a pinched nerve. Once the swelling has gone down the nerve will most likely slip back into place and end the pain.

There are several different natural treatments that have been proven to help relieve the pain that comes with a trapped nerve in the neck including acupuncture, chiropractics and massage therapy. Instead of relying on medications that numb your mind at the same time as they dull the pain from the trapped nerve in your neck, try one of these treatments. Not only are they drug free, but in most cases you will find them to be far more effective.

You can try treat your self at home by using a recommended pillow to sleep on.